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The iPASOLINK SX, narrow band point-to-point microwave relay system operates in the license free 59-63 GHz Millimeter Wave V-band frequency spectrum and supports transmission rates up to 400Mbps per channel @ 50MHz/256QAM.

iPASOLINK SXThe iPASOLINK SX meets an increasing demand for digital transmission services and will satisfy the need for common carrier access links, private links, urban area networks, rural area networks, temporary networks or emergency links for data transmission. The iPASOLINK SX offers very high performance with large system flexibility, simple installation, field proven reliability and cost effective scalability to accommodate future application and capacity needs.


NEC has developed the iPASOLINK SX, narrow band point-to-point microwave relay system operating in the license free 59-63 GHz Millimeter Wave V-band frequency spectrum.


The iPASOLINK SX system provides interface types of 100/1000 Base-T(X) or 1000Base SX/LX, and supports transmission rates up to 400Mbps per channel @ 50MHz/256QAM. The system is a single form factor all outdoor unit with integrated antenna, providing native Ethernet transport. Super low power consumption and PoE+ power makes the iPASOLINK SX ideal for rooftop or street level locations.

The small form factor of the iPASOLINK SX doesn't limit full featured capabilities; including Advanced QoS — eight (8) classes of internal QoS mapping, packet classification functions based on header information (802.1p), flexible scheduling algorithm (deficit-weighted round robin or strict priority) and congestion avoidance mechanism (weighed tail drop).


Hitless adaptive modulation switching from QPSK to 256QAM enables error free transmission of critical traffic through adverse weather conditions. Forward Error Correction with LDPC methodology ensures all of your data gets from point A to Z. Operating in the license free 60GHz band allows for quick and easy deployment, and high frequency reuse, even in the most congested areas.


Multiple GbE Ethernet ports provide aggregation support for three separate CPE components without the need for an external switch or router.


VLAN functions provide high levels of network flexibility, with 16000 MAC ID learning table, line-rate non-block switching, IEEE802.1Q support with L2CP tunneling function.


At a Glance

  • Pure Packet, Mid-Capacity, Millimeter Wave Radio (60GHz Band)
  • Ideal for LTE Small Cell Aggregation
  • Hitless Adaptive Modulation (QPSK-256QAM)
  • Intelligent Carrier Class L2 Packet Switch (8 Class QoS)
  • License Free Deployment with High Frequency Reusability
  • Zero Footprint
  • All-in-One Unit — Radio and Integrated Antenna
  • –48VDC — PoE+ Powered (25W typical power consumption)

Benefits of 60GHz Millimeter Wave Transport License Free Spectrum

Licensed frequency spectrum is difficult, and sometimes impossible to obtain in highly congested metropolitan areas. The iPASOLINK SX utilizes 60GHz frequency spectrum, which is license free. The auto channel search and select feature ensures the radio operates on the best available channel for the highest reliability. 




Integrated Antenna — Although the integrated flat panel antenna (included in the radio cost) is small, it provides 37dBi of gain, producing over 79dB of system gain in the radio link budget.


Effective Frequency Reuse — At the millimeter wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption rate is high, with ~98 percent of the transmitted energy absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. While oxygen absorption at 60GHz may limit range, it also eliminates interference between same frequency terminals. The benefit of Oxygen absorption relative to frequency re-use is detailed in the chart below, and as is made clear, this enables very dense interference free deployment of same frequency radio terminals.


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