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NEC's iPASOLINK VR1250 is the most advanced converged Optical / Wireless transport platform on the market.

Boasting 12-way nodal capabilities, support for transmit power up to +40dBm, adaptive modulation rates from iPASOLINK EXQPSK up to 4096QAM channel bandwidths up to 80MHz, any-to-any cross connect of 1GbE, 10GbE, and CWDM traffic interfaces.


iPASOLINK VR1250 brings the future to you today. Our forward thinking engineers and developers have designed a modular transport platform that will evolve into the fifth generation network with ease. Higher modulation techniques and wider bandwidth support requires precision components, made with the finest materials, under stringent quality assurance processes by exceptionally skilled technicians. NEC products consistently exceed published MTBF values many times over. This continues with the iPASOLINK VR1250.


As part of NEC’s field-proven iPASOLINK series radio family, VR1250 provides support for over 10Gbps transport across Optical and/or Microwave channels in a compact 3RU chassis. Redundant, robust and efficient carrier-class switches deliver over 100Gbps of switching capacity, while drawing minimal power. Backward compatibility with most NEC transmitter/receivers allows cost effective migration from NLite Series and iPASOLINK 250/650 for greater capacity.*


iPASOLINK EXVersatile and dynamic H-QoS management tools enable the implementation of more services in the same bandwidth, resulting in higher SLA profit margins.


The increased power output provides the capability to design longer path lengths with smaller antennas, while maintaining critical system availability, ensuring low CAPEX. The iPASOLINK design reflects NEC’s commitment to its Smart enterprise initiative as well as the outstanding reliability NEC products are known for. Smart Enterprise provides an IT communications infrastructure that allows companies to have a more predictive business that they can operate at a lower cost and empowers them to be more competitive. iPASOLINK VR1250 protects budgets with low OPEX, and TCO that you expect from NEC.


NEC’s world-class quality provides network reliability, while advanced security features enable effective access control and monitoring. With 24x7x365 access to U.S.-based telephone support, assistance is just a call away, ensuring a long-term partnership with personalized service for the life of the equipment.


*Some limitations apply


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