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Managed Security Services

How do you know your company is protected?
Are you keeping up with emerging threats?
Are security incident investigations holding you back?
Is security device management the best use of your time?
Are your HIPAA compliance requirements being met?

For organizations feeling the pressure of growing security threats, increasing compliance requirements and increased reliance on an already burdened staff, NEC Managed Security Services help you do more with less, while maintaining a secure and compliant security environment.  Leveraging 50 years of communications integration experience, NEC provides a full lifecycle of security capabilities from penetration, compliance and vulnerability assessments services to remediation and ongoing security device management across a multi-vendor environment for over 125 device types – applications, databases, endpoints, network devices and security appliances.


Why NEC Managed Security Services to protect my business?

Core Competency Focus    
Most organizations don’t have the dedicated expertise or depth in staff to stay on top of security event logs across multi-vendor technologies or maintain up to date expertise on the latest security events and technologies because it is not their core business focus. NEC specializes in data security & managed security services allowing us to provide you with a more cost effective & dedicated services.  


Peace of Mind
Few organizations have the resources for 24-hour monitoring or the ability to keep informed of the latest network security events & technologies; those that do may spend more time and money than necessary to support their security operations. As a result, most organization don’t know what they don’t know and are putting themselves at more risk every day.

When it comes to data security most companies don’t know what they don’t know. And, it’s typically to late when data security is taken seriously. NEC assessment services validate your security architecture, management and remediation capabilities across a multi-vendor environment while providing you with validation of your existing environment, as well as a plan of action to address security gaps.

Trust & Commitment
NEC’s strength and expertise is supported by a track record spanning more than 114 years of engineering success and delivery support to organizations, both large and small. In addition, NEC's brand statement, "Empowered by Innovation," expresses our commitment to empowering people and society through continuous innovation in every area of our businesses, fueled by our infinite passion for innovation and our customer-focused spirit of collaboration.



Download a Sample Security Assessment Report.
Security Assessment Report provides baseline and validation of an organization security architecture, management approach and remediation capabilities. Security Assessment Report also provides a roadmap for addressing security gaps.


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Managed Security
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