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ExpressCluster® Basic Recovery

ExpressCluster<sup>®</sup> Basic Recovery

Protecting and recovering critical applications and data.

NEC's ExpressCluster X Basic Recovery Edition is a low-cost software solution that helps organizations with stand-alone Windows systems protect and recover their applications and data. It helps detect application failure at a granular level. It also enables them to mirror data asynchronously so they can recover data quickly over a LAN or WAN.

With NEC’s ExpressCluster X Basic Recovery Edition software, organizations can:


  • Minimize system downtime and business disruption, because unlike other solutions, it recovers business-critical application and data in minutes rather than days
  • Easily grow systems, because it can be easily upgraded to other NEC ExpressCluster software solutions that offer additional features and functions
  • Simplify how system recovery and protection is managed, since it offers an easy-to-use, web –based management console 


NEC has built ExpressCluster X Basic Recovery Edition on award-winning technology that for more than a decade has been helping enterprises worldwide to maintain the continuity of their critical IT systems.

With this software, benefit from:


  • A cost-effective, two-node system configuration that enables organizations to mirror data asynchronously
  • Easy and on-demand failover/failback that helps optimize server workload
  • A flexible active/active server configuration that eliminates the need for a dedicated standby server
  • FastSync resynchronization of only any data that have changed
  • Data mirroring for internal and external storage devices from multiple vendors
  • ... and many other key features



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