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ExpressCluster® SAN

ExpressCluster<sup>®</sup> SAN

Data when it has to be intact and accessible.

ExpressCluster X SAN is a high availability software solution that NEC has designed for multiple servers with shared storage systems within the same data center. It is especially well-suited for consolidated server or application environments, such as virtualized web and application server farms that share SAN storage.

With NEC’s ExpressCluster X SAN software, organizations can:


  • Minimize disruptions to a data center caused by planned or unplanned hardware and
    software outages
    , since it helps data center systems recover quickly and automatically
  • Maximize use of server and storage hardware, since its configuration is flexible
    and scalable
  • Simplify the management of data center continuity, since it unifies how to manage physical and virtual systems running multiple operating systems
  • Prepare for data center future growth, since it supports popular virtualization hypervisors such as VMware® vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.  It also supports IPv6, the next -generation IP network protocol. 


NEC has built ExpressCluster X SAN on award-winning technology that for more than a decade has been helping enterprises worldwide to maintain the continuity of their critical IT systems.

With this software, benefit from:


  • Support for large systems with up to 32 nodes per cluster
  • Support for many operating systems, virtualization hypervisors and applications (including low-cost standard editions)
  • Strong integration with the workload migration features that are embedded within virtualization hypervisors

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