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ExpressCluster® Solutions - Server Consolidation

ExpressCluster<sup>®</sup> Solutions - Server Consolidation

Consolidates application and data infrastructure to reduce data center workload.

NEC's ExpressCluster line of software supports the Active/Standby and Active/Active configuration that helps data centers achieve the greatest availability and productivity from their servers regardless of whether they are file servers, mail servers or network storage devices. Organizations using ExpressCluster software can greatly reduce the cost and complexity of remote office infrastructures, yet still guarantee users the performance they expect from their IT departments.

When an organization consolidates its servers, it:


  • Manages data workload more efficiently
  • Reduces IT expenditures
  • Goes “greener” by reducing the power and cooling requirements of its data center
  • Simplifies the management of servers
  • Strengthens the security and quality of data and applications


However, in a consolidated environment, the data needed for files and emails previously delivered by local servers now arrive using wide-area, or storage-area, networks.  ExpressCluster makes it easier for an organization to allocate workloads across multiple servers to maximize availability and avoid network congestion, poor application performance and reduced workforce productivity.


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