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ExpressCluster® - Solutions

ExpressCluster<sup>®</sup> - Solutions

NEC has designed the ExpressCluster X editions of software to help achieve solutions for the following IT initiatives.

NEC Family of ExpressCluster Solutions:

Disaster Recovery
ExpressCluster X provides a complete, end-to-end disaster recovery solution for fast recovery of applications and data to a remote site regardless of organization size.
High Availability
Once our ExpressCluster X software detects failure in an application or data, it can perform a variety of recovery actions. Configure it to restart failed applications on the same server, reboot the server or failover to a standby server within the same site.
Server Consolidation
ExpressCluster X offers a configuration known as N+1 clustering. With this option, configure one server to be the standby server for multiple primary servers. This helps reduce the cost of dedicated standby servers.
NEC’s line of ExpressCluster X software is an integrated solution that provides high availability, and disaster recovery, to virtualization initiatives.

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