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ExpressCluster® Solutions - Virtualization

ExpressCluster<sup>®</sup> Solutions - Virtualization

The best way to lower total costs of data center ownership and accelerate return on data center investments.

NEC's line of ExpressCluster X software is an integrated solution that provides high availability and disaster recovery to virtualization initiatives.

It supports all the leading virtualization platforms and fully protects the data and applications managed by data centers that:


  • Deploy ExpressCluster on host servers to protect all virtual machines from the most common system failures
  • Seek to recover quickly from the failure of a host server, a host server component, a virtual server or a virtual machine
  • Want independent support for a guest operating system
  • Want to use a web-based tool to manage their virtual machines and virtual servers, as well as their physical machines and hypervisors
  • Achieve disaster recovery by sending standby servers to remote sites and equipping virtual and physical machines with WAN-optimized protection

The virtualization of servers has already impacted the server market. And a sharp drop in the prices and management costs of virtualization platform software guarantees that more and more data centers will move applications and data to virtual servers.  However, some administrators worry about how a single point of failure in host servers could affect their organizations’ business continuity.

NEC’s ExpressCluster software is a reliable solution for managing the growing virtualization of data and applications and making certain both remain completely secure in the increasingly virtual environment that is emerging.


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