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Microsoft® SQL Server

Microsoft<sup>®</sup> SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server continues to be the foundation upon which many business-critical applications reside.

NEC's ExpressCluster® line of software offers comprehensive solutions that can mitigate any planned or unplanned downtime. Microsoft SQL Server's recovery and protection solution, backed by ExpressCluster software, can enable an organization to synchronously mirror all of its SQL data in real-time.

The result is full system recovery without any data loss.

ExpressCluster provides these additional benefits in Microsoft SQL Server environments:


  • It proactively monitors the overall health of the entire Microsoft SQL server environment
  • It ensures high availability, and disaster recovery, for WAN, LAN and SAN deployments
  • It provides manual, or automatic, failover/failback, as well as automatic fast synchronization between primary and standby servers
  • It strengthens an organization’s ability to comply with the data retention and availability requirements of such regulations as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Billey and HIPAA
  • It offers an integrated console for managing key application components and services, and for monitoring system performance
  • It works with all major versions of Microsoft SQL Server, including the Standard and Enterprise editions

ExpressCluster – an easy and effective solution
Small and medium-sized businesses, and the branch offices of enterprises, typically operate with few if any dedicated IT staff or resources.  NEC’s ExpressCluster software offers an integrated web management interface that helps organizations monitor all the servers in their network without needing advanced expertise or extensive professional services to do so.

And if a Microsoft SQL server goes down, ExpressCluster will quickly recover SQL services and data on a standby Microsoft SQL server without the need for manual intervention.


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