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Oracle® DB

Oracle<sup>®</sup> DB

Oracle databases drive many of today's most critical business applications.

NEC's ExpressCluster® line of software comprises several comprehensive, high availability solutions for Oracle databases running on a Windows or Linux platform.

NEC’s ExpressCluster software provides:


  • Transparent failover/failback, as well as Oracle database disaster recovery
  • Shared storage and data replication
  • Integrated management and monitoring of Oracle services
  • Lower cost of ownership, because it is works with Oracle’s standard and enterprise editions

ExpressCluster – The Cost-Effective Alternative
Many businesses have limited IT budgets. They cannot afford more complex solutions like Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) and DataGuard (DG).  ExpressCluster is the ideal alternative for organizations that cannot justify RAC and DG, but seek the functionality they provide.

ExpressCluster is cost-effective because no database administrator or system administrator needs to intervene when a database and related applications move to a backup server to prevent data loss.

Also, other solutions, like RAC, often require additional hardware and software. ExpressCluster, however, supports most any Standard and Enterprise editions of Oracle DB that may be operating within the host environment.

ExpressCluster – The Flexible Alternative

With ExpressCluster, organizations have options for how to manage the movement of the active instance of data and applications connected to an Oracle database.

ExpressCluster can be configured to get an Oracle instance up or down by simply starting or stopping the service in the cluster configuration.  All Oracle data will then activate on the other node selected.  Or, in the event an Oracle software upgrade is needed, program it to perform the failover through a simple “move” operation. End users have no knowledge of the manual failover or downtime that has just occurred.


ExpressCluster  -- Simpler and More Scalable
Unlike Oracle’s high availability and data replication products, ExpressCluster does not need data or user segmentation as only one instance running at one time for a service group. Also, configuring a cluster with ExpressCluster is straightforward.


Finally, as companies expand, they can use ExpressCluster’s Web-based management console to easily add databases to a high availability cluster with small efforts to add the new Oracle instances.  In LAN, WAN and SAN configurations, they can also use that console to manage any cluster group they choose to add to house the resources associated with those new databases.


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