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With over 40 years of experience, NEC has been enabling the world's largest retailers to maximize store performance and profitability. By empowering retailers at the store level, we enable them to attract new business, better serve existing customers, influence purchasing decisions and decrease waste. The result is optimized store performance, which leads to an improved shopping experience, greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability.


Retail Consulting


Backed by over 40 years of experience and hundreds of project successes, NEC's retail consulting services provide repeatable and sustainable business strategies that improves core business operations, maximize store performance, and deliver measurable bottom line improvement.


NEC Solutions for Retail


NEC offers a comprehensive array of solutions to attract and retain business, influence purchasing decisions and provide an exceptional customer experience.


Digital Signage

Dynamic rich media promotions can change customer purchasing decisions at the point of purchase and increase revenue. NEC's digital signage solution delivers highly targeted multimedia messages to capture customers' attention with maximum impact.


Point of Sale (POS) 

NEC's POS hardware and software solutions are easy to use, flexible and scalable designed to enable access to real-time product, customer and inventory information. Our proven POS solutions have helped some of the world's largest retailers improve efficiency, while reducing costs and increase operational control.



With NEC's mobility solutions, Panel-i Pro and Pocket-i, employees gain real-time access to key information, which leads to better responsiveness to customers, improved productivity, more up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.


Inventory Management 

Create a demand-driven merchandizing and supply chain environment with NEC's proven inventory management solutions. Our solutions enable inventory visibility from source to sales, and can be easily and seamlessly integrated with existing systems.



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