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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Enabling retailers to reach customers with dynamic advertising messages relevant to each individual customer.

NEC offers a leading-edge in-store advertising and communications platform that combines the power of existing Point-of-Sale (POS) and inventory data, with customer information and third-party data sources, to create real-time information and highly targeted messages.



  • Reaches customers where they shop
  • Increases sales volumes of higher margin merchandise
  • Suggests add-on merchandise to increase average purchase volume
  • Incorporates real-time data to present timely and relevant offers to customers at the point they make the buy decision
  • Integrates easily with POS and inventory systems
  • Customizes messages for local storefronts without complexity
  • Reinforces brand and advertising messages
  • Provides "wow" factor in store and enhances customer shopping experience
  • Yields a higher return on investment over traditional static signs
  • Delivers scalability and cost-effectiveness


End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions


NEC's comprehensive Dynamic Digital Signage solutions provide a flexible, extendable and cost-effective alternative to traditional static signage, enabling retailers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.



  • Installation, configuration and testing of digital signage network
  • Development of Web services API to integrate data from existing business systems into signage intelligence engine
  • Development of SOA-based interface for digital asset collection
  • Content management integration and set-up
  • Data cleansing to transform retailers' existing digital images into a consistent system-usable format with added publish features
  • Industry image libraries access and management
  • Licensing of extensive digital asset catalog, as needed
  • Web content syndication with content QA and governance
  • Analytics-based reporting


  • NEC LCD and Plasma Displays
  • NEC Express5800™ GP Server
  • NEC Express5800™ Fault Tolerant Server
  • NEC Storage Network
  • Cisco® Digital Media Player (or embedded PC)


  • NEC Public Portal
  • Interwoven® TeamSite and OpenDeploy
  • Visual Sciences® reporting software
  • Adobe Flash®

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