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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Deployed on tablet PCs or other mobile devices, NEC's demand management application is a user-friendly solution that has been proven to deliver a quick return on investment.

Its ordering, forecasting and performance analysis modules are designed to give associates unprecedented understanding of sales trends to help them align inventory with the unique customer demands of each store.



  • Take the guesswork out of managing volatile inventory levels, deliveries and other complex demand factors
  • Understand local market conditions and respond to them quickly, especially with perishable items
  • Increase profitability by reducing wasteful write-offs, out-of-stock lost sales, and inventory storage costs
  • Consider future demand factors, not just historical ones
  • Expand shelf facings for best sellers and decrease shelf facings for slow movers
  • Place more accurate orders based on current, relevant data
  • Adjust forecasts based on vendor constraints, business rules and demand factors such as sales promotions, local events and lost sales
  • Analyze item-specific demand by store
  • Adjust category mix for highest profitability
  • Use mobile tablet PCs to update and access data anytime from anywhere
  • Empower store managers and sales associates at the store level with relevant, local demand factors




Ordering Module 

  • Suggested order generation based on current relevant data
  • Automated ordering
  • Easy order adjustments to respond to local knowledge
  • Useful review of prioritized items (out-of-stocks, write-offs, promoted items, etc.)
  • Flexible ordering by vendor, item hierarchy or in combination
  • Historical overview of past orders and sales
  • Quick review of orders for selected items

Forecasting Module

  • Automatic adjustments for past out-of-stocks or write-offs
  • Like day of week sales comparisons
  • Optional forward weighting of demand trends
  • Multiple forecasting / replenishment techniques

Performance Analysis Module

  • Up-to-date view of orders, deliveries, sales, write-offs and out-of-stocks
  • Simple tracking of the performance of events
  • Iterative benchmarking methodology
  • Meaningful item ranking analysis
  • Repeatable operational processes

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