Optimized Data Management

Advanced SAN storage solutions

Reliability & Functionality

M-Series, NEC's diverse line of storage disk array solutions, makes large-scale storage consolidation and scalability easy with autonomous operations using advanced virtualization technologies, a high-speed solid state drive and thin provisioning.

Whether for an entry-level, low-end, mid-tier or high-performance environment, we deliver the optimal system that perfectly balances non-disruptive, highly efficient and secure availability with energy-savings affordability.

Strategic Benefits

Our M-Series solutions have been developed to respond to the needs of the next-generation infrastructure. This means providing capabilities that are central to any organization looking to improve the way they store, share and archive critical data, including

High performance.
Enhance stability.
Ready availability

Data tiering.
Cache management.
Advanced data pooling

Lower power consumption.
Reduced cooling costs.
Smaller space requirements.

Self-encrypting drives.
Secure erase technology.*

*A high security disk data erasure technique based on the United States Department of Defense's DoD5220.22-M disk erasure method

Advanced Security

M-Series provides a choice of security functions.
These range from access restrictions to logical disk, log and record audits to deterrence in erroneous operations.
The use of a self-encypting drive also scrambles data in the hard disk drive to prevent data leakage should the hard disk drive be inappropriately removed, lost, stolen or damaged.


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