M Series Disk Array Hardware

High availability plus robust protection


Greater Competencies

Whether it is data transport based on usage frequency, the realization of a server virtualized environment, cost saving through reduced power consumption or increased productivity ensured by quick and continuous operations, improved efficiency is at the core of NEC's M Series hardware solutions.

Significant Efficiencies

With NEC M Series hardware components data becomes more accessible through better control and distribution.
This becomes achievable thought:

Stable performance

Upper and lower disk limits ensure performance

Auto reallocation

Data is automatically assigned based on frequency of use.

Hot spot removal

A solid state drive fosters higher levels of performance.

Flexible responsiveness

An advanced dynamic pool reacts to sudden data demand.

Maximized usage

Thin provisioning responses when physical volume is insufficient

Advanced Security

M Series provides a choice of security functions. These range from acess restrictions to logical disk, log and record audits to deterrence in erroneous operations. The use of a self-encypting drive also scrambles data in the hard disk drive to prevent data leakage should the hard disk drive be inappropriately removed, lost, stolen or damaged.


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