M Series Disk Array Software

Customization through bundling


Beyond The Basics

In addition to a robust based pack optional software is available that can be bundled and modified to meet specific storage requirements and environments.

M Series Based Software Pack

Everything needed to install, configure, manage and monitor NEC's SAN storage including the management of multiple systems from a single-pane-of-glass and power optimization.

(Comes standard with no charge)

Storage Manager Express

Manage flexible and powerful functions on a single array through embedded intuitive GUI.
Storage Manager

Extend storage management capability across multiple arrays using single-pane-of-glass GUI.
Storage Manager Command

Control M-Series with CLI commands.
Thin Provisioning
Minimize cost and utilize storage efficiently with virtualized capacity.
Storage Power Conserver
Pin down the inactive disk drives for energy efficiency.
Define volume access rights for secure shared storage.
VMware Cooperation
Collaborate with VMware through vSphere web client plug-in, vCenter plug-in, VASA provider, VAAI and storage replication adapter.
Manage multi-path connection for high availability.
Monitor real-time performance and load on storage through Storage Manager GUI.
Analyze monitored log data graphically for insightful diagnostics.
Data Migration
Migrate data directly between NEC disk systems without affecting network.
Dynamic Data Replication Express
Replicate/snapshot volumes within same system using GUI/CLI.

Optional Solutions Packs

Software developed to be bundled with our base pack to meet the specific data storage requirements.

Advanced Performance Pack

PerforOptimizer (auto data tiering)
Move data to the most effective storage automatically based on access characteristics.
PerforCache (write/read SSD cache)
Use SSD as secondary cache for performance improvement.

Local Replication Pack

Dynamic Data Replication/ SnapVolume
Replicate/snapshot volumes within same system using non-disruptive command for host or storage manager GUI/CLI.
ReplicationControl SQL
Non-disruptive backup of Microsoft SQL Server.
Replication Control File System
Non-disruptive backup of file system.

Remote Replication Pack

Remote Data Replication Replicate volumes between systems.
Disaster Recovery (M510/M710) Replicate atomic groups for application level recovery.

Data Security Pack

Secure Eraser
Delete data using DoD5220 22-M method to prevent unwanted recovery of classified data.
Prevent data modification by setting access rights and data retention period to satisfy compliance requirements (WORM).

Virtual QoS Pack

I/O Load Manager Controlling I/O flow on a logical disk basis to stabilize performance across all servers in a large-scale server integration operation.
Virtual Cache Partitioning (M310/M510/M710)
Allocate cache memory to applications to ensure maximum application performance with guaranteed cache availability.

Virtual Management Pack

Analyzer for VMware vCenter Operations A single vCenter pane-of-glass allowing server and storage performance analysis in a VMware virtualized machine environment.


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