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IndigoCare iCall

Seamlessly connecting patients with caregivers

IndigoCare iCall

Responsive & Adaptive

In environments where patients, nursing personnel, doctors, administrators and external support services must be able to communicate with one another quickly and efficiently, it is essential to have a high-performance nurse call system like IndigoCare's iCall.

IndigoCare's iCall is the first full IP nurse call platform on the market.
It is also customizable to suit most healthcare environments.

One Comprehensive Solution

IndigoCare's iCall is a full service solution that combines the nurse call system, telephone exchange, NEC's VoIP solutions and DECT mobile handsets along with a personal location system.

The distributed architecture of IndigoCare's iCall and tight integration with NEC's UNIVERGE® SV9000 Series communication platforms ensures a high level of flexibility for the budget-conscious facility.

IndigoCare's iCall offers

  • A full range of call stations that can be individually and remotely programmed.
  • Hands-free communication with patient by simply dialing the room's NEC IP desktop telephone.
  • Offers remote access/installation/maintenance / diagnostics up to the level of any intelligent room call button via browser over any PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Allows for a gradual migration by repurposing and/or integrating existing nurse call infrastructure and hardware.
  • Supports an Android™ mobile nurse desk application which turns NEC's UT880 telephone into a master station to monitor all nurse call alarms.

Potential Uses

Through its ability to seamlessly connect patients or residents with caregivers, IndigoCare's iCall nurse call system provides the connectivity needed to drive patient safety and satisfaction.

This makes it the ideal solution for such healthcare facilities as:

Day Surgery Centers

For those patients confined to bed after surgery and find themselves in need of assistance.

Nursing Homes

For residents who discover themselves in an unsafe situation that requires immediate help.

Assisted Living

Offers an increased sense of security for residents living independently.


Supports those in need of added support when in occupational therapy.


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