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Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911

Rapidly and accurately identifies a situation's source and severity to seamlessly relate the information internally and externally.

Enhanced 911 (E911) from Amcom provides the tools needed to protect an organization’s most valuable resource – its people. E911’s software pinpoints a caller’s location and passes the information to a Public Service Answering Point (PSAP).


This reliable, automatic transfer of information helps provide potentially life-saving information to the 911 public safety network.  It also notifies appropriate onsite personnel that an emergency call is in progress, so an immediate and accurate response can occur.


E911 helps manage 911 calls expertly by:


  • Pinpointing the exact location of a 911 caller
  • Notifying onsite staff in real-time of a 911 call
  • Updating automatically the Automatic Location Information database
  • Tracking the location of all IP phones throughout a business’s network
  • Speeding up onsite response through real-time monitoring of 911 calls
  • Providing voice recording and instant recall of messages
  • Exceeding standards set by E911 compliance legislation

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