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Total Visibility Solution

Total Visibility Solution

Real-time visibility into the location, status and condition of assets and people.

NEC’s Total Visibility Solutions from AeroScout® strengthen the ability to instantly identify, locate and monitor the condition of company assets and people through an existing Wi-Fi network.


Healthcare organizations, manufacturing companies, universities and other businesses that have widely dispersed people and assets especially benefit from NEC’s Total Visibility Solutions.


Location Tracking Devices

NEC’s Total Visibility Solutions help organizations:

  • Keep track of assets and people real-time
  • Locate instantly (without installing extra hardware or software) such mobile assets as laptops, PDAs and bar code scanners
  • Increase personnel safety through the use of RFID call button tags that signal exactly where people are
  • Reduce asset losses and increase asset use by automating asset-management processes
  • Automate important audits (such as organization-wide inventories)

NEC’s Total Visibility Solutions can also help organizations continuously gauge the condition of assets that are sensitive to temperature and humidity. This helps produce more accurate and complete reports for those regulatory agencies that require such information.

With NEC Total Visibility Solutions, it is possible to closely monitor the temperature and humidity of:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • Organs
  • Blood
  • Many other assets


NEC’s temperature tags store easily in refrigerators and freezers; a Wi-Fi monitoring and alert system keeps personnel constantly informed about the condition of all important assets.


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