Optimal performance for long-term data retention

Why Choose HYDRAstor

High Performance - Maximum Capacity

HYDRAstor, NEC's award-winning distributed grid storage platform, enables long-term data retention through scalability of performance and maximized capacity without the complexity and inherent limitations of legacy storage solutions.

NEC HYDRAstor is capable of delivering lower storage capacity consumption by up to 95% or more with inline global data deduplication and significant reduction in network bandwidth requirement with WAN-Optimized Replication for cost-effective disaster recovery.

Attainable Results

HYDRAstor with its modular scalability delivers cost effective, highly reliable Global Deduplication Storage for Backup and Archive.

This is achievable through:


Provides independent linear scalability of performance and capacity by eliminating disruptive technology.


Supports a default file system size of 256PB by dynamically allocating storage capacity as needed without reconfiguration or user intervention.

Multi-Generation Expansion

Enables non-disruptive in-place technology refreshes and expansion eliminating the need for forklift upgrades or periodic downtime.

Data Resiliency

Delivers greater data protection and faster rebuilds through erasure-coded resiliency and auto restoration.

How It All Began

HYDRAstor architecture was initially introduced in March 2007. This marked the culmination of more than four years of intense research, development and market validation.

It began with a pair of researchers obsessed by their vision of a whole new way of providing storage. It then become an initiative supported by NEC global expertise, including NEC Laboratories America, the company's US-based research lab known for conducting leading-edge research such as machine learning, autonomic systems and quantum computation.

Collaborative Solutions

NEC has been part of some of the largest alliances in the world.
This openness to collaborate has allowed us to work closely with companies equally as committed to providing solutions that provide the best value and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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