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An environment where ideas can flow freely without boundaries, where work can naturally switch between the physical and digital world and achieve a new level of responsiveness.

Technology Meets Innovation

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A futuristic workplace, reimagined by NEC I:Delight

Today's fast-paced business environment demands high-performance organizations where employees can act quickly and function effectively. This requires adaptive solutions that free workers from conventional constraints and enable them to achieve a new level in responsiveness.

NEC I:Delight empowers employees within these commercial spaces, allowing them to work and move smarter. The I:Delight platform also drives seamless integration between various touchpoints within the building, such as endpoint devices, meeting spaces and retail outlets.

Why are Smart Buildings important for us?

In an ever-evolving landscape, it is crucial that we empower our employees to achieve their potential by working safer and smarter while being cognisant of their needs and preferences.

What are we doing to change the way we think about buildings?

The age of the individual desk is over. By seamlessly integrating various touchpoints, employees can work across countless real or remote environment settings that best suit their requirements. Other key initiatives such as real-time crowd management and touchless entry systems optimise physical movements throughout the Smart Building.

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NEC Showcases the Future of Smart Buildings for a Post-COVID-19 World

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