Save up to 30% or more on your phone network bill with the world’s first call-routing solution
that connects enterprises directly to the wholesale telecom market.

Intelligent Call Routing

NEC's NETWORK CONNECT Intelligent Call Routing utilizes hundreds of enterprise-grade carrier networks and routes calls through the most cost-effective carrier network in real time to save your company up to 30% or more. With NEC's NETWORK CONNECT powered by 46 Labs Communications, enterprises consolidate their entire carrier spend and receive greater visibility into organization-wide call traffic than ever before. There is no upfront investment or wait period in order to realize massive cost savings and increased visibility into your network. Enterprises simply switch to the NETWORK CONNECT system and immediately begin seeing the benefits.

If you're tired of juggling multiple telecom vendors to find the most cost-effective way to meet your needs across the entire enterprise, then NEC's NETWORK Connect is what you've been looking for. Make the switch to NEC's NETWORK CONNECT Intelligent Call Routing and start saving up to 30% or more today!

Smooth Operator

NETWORK CONNECT brings optimized value to end-to-end communications with:

Visibility and Control of enterprise-wide call traffic through a single-pane of glass management system
Wholesale Pricing based on usage with call-time charges accurate to the second, not rounded up
Next Generation Redundancy eliminates dependency on a single carrier as customers leverage all available carriers
Ability To Manage multiple business sites and consolidate spend for an entire organization within a single monthly billing statement
Improved Call Center KPIs with higher quality, connect rates and enhanced call routing capabilities
Fully Scalable System that supports existing phone numbers
Simplification Of Call Center Operations eliminating the need for multiple carriers, multiple bills and multiple 1.800 numbers for support

A Better Telecommunication Experience
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A Few Of The Efficiencies You'll Enjoy
Network Path
Carriers only utilize their own network
NETWORK CONNECT selects the most efficient and cost effective path
Usage Billing
Standard carrier billing practices round up
NETWORK CONNECT billing is based on usage to the actual second
Wholesale Pricing
Standard carriers use retail pricing and network usage charges
NETWORK CONNECT offers wholesale pricing based on usage
The NEC Difference

NETWORK CONNECT continues NEC’s tradition and commitment of delivering excellence in communications worldwide with a single point of contact.

Serving and supporting customers
for 120 years

Recognized as a Top 100 Global Innovator
for 8 consecutive years

Over 64,000 global technology

Satellite Communications
Providing satellite communications
since the 1960's

Communications Shipments
Ships the most unified communications

Submarine Cabling
Delivers submarine cabling for global
telecommunication connectivity

*Network Connect Intelligent Call Routing leverages the wholesale telecom ecosystem available through 46 Labs Communications.


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