ProgrammableFlow TAP

Simplifies network traffic assemblage, filtration and visibility

ProgrammableFlow TAP

Automated Packet Flows Aggregation

With NEC's ProgrammableFlow TAP (PFTAP), traffic from network equipment or a network tap is filtered to dedicated OpenFlow-enabled visibility fabric before being transmitted to security and analysis tools.

The PFTAP offers

  • An automated aggregation of packet flows and load balancing between high and low priority data traffic.
  • Auto orchestrates OpenFlow-based network fabric with any topology, permitting traffic filters to be easily added via user interface and selected traffic redirected to any port for further analysis.
  • User interface provides communication on logical and physical networks, visually identifying traffic patterns.
  • Inexpensive OpenFlow aggregation can reduce the load on network and performance monitoring tools and removes the need for any dedicated NPB.

Key Benefits

  • Redirecting automated aggregation of packet flows to security and analysis tools.
  • Easily add traffic filters via a user interface, enabling selected traffic to be redirected to any port for further analysis.
  • Improved visibility of network flows on logical and physical networks to easily identify TAP source data.
  • Reduces the load on packet brokers, intrusion detection systems and other tools, through the use of OpenFlow switches for aggregation and filtration.

A Cost Efficient Option

By employing Open Network topology, PFTAP helps avoid vendor lock-ins and expensive network equipment while delivering comprehensive flow aggregation, scalable filtration and enhanced visibility.

Robust Flexibility

PFTAP utilizes NEC's unique Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) to provide for isolated, secure, multi-tenant networks and OpenFlow protocol to program OpenFlow-enabled switches to further unlock network capability.


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