PF6800 ProgrammableFlow Controller

Improved network security, operational savings and control

ProgrammableFlow V6.3

Packet Pipeline Capability

Designed to work with low cost Open Compute Project (OCP) inspired network equipment, the award-winning SDN ProgrammableFlow Controller (PFC) supports a packet processing pipeline capability to ensure an efficient, high performance and flexible network architecture.

The ProgrammableFlow offers

  • Zero-touch network policy provisioning from the NEC ProgrammableFlow Controller to increase service agility and reduce the network administrative burden.
  • High availability with up to 16-way path redundancy network control for high levels of reliability for mission critical applications.

Key Benefits

  • A non-blocking spine leaf network designed specifically for data center networks built on low cost, power efficient, open platform.
  • Secure network isolation of data traffic with up to 64,000 virtual networks to support fine grained network segmentation and multi-tenancy.
  • Support for massive scalability - up to 10,000 switches - in for a federated controller network.

Staying Power

By providing greater performance, availability, resiliency and even easier administration, the ProgrammableFlow Controller continues the NEC ProgrammableFlow Network Suite practice of continued innovation for inherent, built-in investment protection.

OCP Readiness

By complying with OCP switch specifications, the ProgrammableFlow Controller readies its users to take advantage and benefit from OCP's ongoing initiatives in new networking.


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