Data Center Cross-Connect Solution

Simple to manage, scalable, cost effective solution for Internet Exchanges

Data Center Cross-Connect


In a Data Center each tenant uses a facility (server, rack, pod, cage, �). Also in the Data center, multiple carriers, ISPs, cloud providers, content providers, business service providers establish Points of Presence (PoP), typically in a meet-me room or rack.

Connections between tenant facilities and meet-me facilities or between tenant facilities are named cross-connects, also referred to as Private Peering or Intra-Data Center Connectivity.

The meet-me room (MMR) typically includes an Internet Exchange.

Pre-SDN MMR implementations fall short scalability and manageability (using multiple switches that need to be managed individually each time a new switch or a new tenant is added) or cost (using expensive MPLS routers).

NEC SDN-based solution

  • SDN / OpenFlow based solution for Data Center cross-connect, based on NEC widely deployed PF6800 ProgrammableFlow controller.
  • Simple, robust, field proven, low cost, easy to manage solution can be delivered as a fully functional kit (servers with pre-installed software) or as software to be installed on user servers.
  • Can be a first low risk step in the Data Center migration to SDN (according to Infonetics nearly 80 percent of medium and large businesses in the U.S. are planning to have software-defined networking (SDN) implemented in the data center by 2017).

Key Benefits

  • Easy starter SDN deployment is a perfect low risk first step and learning platform for the Data Center migration to SDN
  • Immediate / no effort / no risk installation:
    • NEC can provide a kit consisting of servers with pre-installed SDN controller plus switches.
    • NEC field-proved PF6800 was used in more than 600 commercial deployments.
  • Easy configuration:
    • One command per Ethernet connection (can be added / removed dynamically).
    • Manages the complete network from a central location.
  • Cost effective:
    • Based on OpenFlow switches.
  • Future proof:
    • Based on SDN / OpenFlow 1.3.
    • Supports large number of flows.


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