SDN: On Demand Campus Network

On Demand Campus Network Solution

Secure, scalable, easy to manage, future-proof campus infrastructure

On Demand Campus Network Solution

SDN From NEC Provides The Foundation For An End-to-End Enterprise Network Strategy

End-to-End Enterprise Network Strategy

Advanced technologies from NEC are enabling people to live brighter, more enriched lives.

Combining our capabilities and rich portfolios in Unified Communications (UC), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Software Define Infrastructure (SDI), NEC can provide government authorities, individuals and enterprises with solutions that cover the full spectrum of their operations. The level of integration between NEC's network, server, storage and enterprise communications solutions highlights the power of these technologies - and reinforces the benefits our customers receive.

Smart Enterprises leverage these technologies to optimize business practices, drive workforce engagement and create a competitive edge and provides the services and knowledge to help ensure the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society. This is how NEC empowers the Smart Enterprise, and why the Smart Enterprise relies on NEC.

Secure Isolation Of Every Tenant In The Network

The NEC solution allows dividing one physical network in multiple Virtual Tenant Networks (VTN). The VTN can be isolated or have certain rules of access between them.

As an example a hospital can have separate and secure VTNs for visitor wireless access, employees access to patient databases, imaging and other diagnostic equipment access to data storage facilities, low priority voice communication, high priority/reliability voice communication. Each of these VTNs have their own assigned bandwidth and QoS/QoE rules and are secure from each other. However, they all share a common scalable physical network.

Tenant In The Network

Ideal To Support NFV Or Physical Appliance Deployment

Certain traffic flows can be directed to physical or virtual appliances like Firewalls or Load Balancers. The appliances also can be virtually installed between VTNs or on certain flows inside a VTN.

In the hospital example mentioned below, the visitor wireless access traffic might go through a Firewall before accessing patient data but the imaging diagnostic equipment data will pass through a Load Balancer before being reaching multiple data storage units. This way the appliances can be virtualized and optimized only for the required traffic.

NFV Or Physical Appliance Deployment


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