Software Defined Networking Enabled Unified Communications

Software Defined Networking Enabled Unified Communications

Improving network manageability and unified communications experiences

SDN Enabled Unified Communications

Optimized Performance

Software Defined Networking Enabled Unified Communications (UC-SDN) from NEC delivers simplified provisioning and dynamic on-demand allocation of critical network resources for improved unified communications (UC) performance.

UC-SDN achieves this by automatically prioritizing voice and video calls, spontaneously detecting connected IP phones and permitting provisioning based on pre-configured rules for greater control.

Core Components

UC-SDN is based on NEC's centralized SDN controller - the UNIVERGE™ Network Operation Engine (NOE) - and either the company's UNIVERGE® SV9500 communications platform or software-based UNIVERGE 3C™ UC solution along with a choice of QX networking device switches.

  • NOE works to configure and manage the campus network (LAN) from a centralized application.
  • UNIVERGE SV9500 or UNIVERGE 3C unified communications and collaboration solutions deliver the tools and technologies for a truly collaborative experience.
  • NEC's QX switches offer the flexibility to easily deploy and scale Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices.

UC-SDN is also compatible with a range of NEC's feature-packed IP phones or third-party options.

Advance Features

With UC-SDN, the end user experience is improved by making network provisioning less labor-intensive and more efficient, and helps to avert potential configuration mistakes.

This is done through the use of:

Dynamic QoS
Enables NOE to adjust the priority of the Ethernet connections that carry the voice and video packets based on defined rules and the call priority.

Plug & Play
Enables NOE to automatically detect IP phones and sets-up the network accordingly.

Quality Of Service
Ensures the performance of critical apps to help ensure enough bandwidth for their correct operations.

Greater Visibility

UC-SDN offers an advanced GUI to simplify network and configuration oversight and management. For example*, an intuitive call history details most recent calls, a Plug & Play menu permits quick and reliable addition of terminals and a QoS menu allows static and dynamic rules to be easily set.

*A full set of menu options are outline in the UNIVERGE Network Operation Engine Based UC SDN Solution Ver. 1.0 Operation Manual

Priority Communications

With UC-SDN, critical communications get preferential treatment. Urgent calls such as VIP and emergency phone calls can be made without being affected by network congestion.

External calls like 911, call transfer and third-party conference are also already supported with 2-way calling.


How can UC-SDN transform your network and UC performance?

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