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Managed Security Services

How do you know your company is protected?
Are you keeping up with emerging threats?
Are security incident investigations holding you back?
Is security device management the best use of your time?
Are your HIPAA compliance requirements being met?

For organizations feeling the pressure of growing security threats, increasing compliance requirements and increased reliance on an already burdened staff, NEC Managed Security Services help you do more with less, while maintaining a secure and compliant security environment.  Leveraging 50 years of communications integration experience, NEC provides a full lifecycle of security capabilities from penetration, compliance and vulnerability assessments services to remediation and ongoing security device management across a multi-vendor environment for over 125 device types – applications, databases, endpoints, network devices and security appliances.



What if you could meet your security and compliance requirement more efficiently and cost effective?
Is security device and event management the business you want to be in?
Is security device and event management the highest and best use of your employee’s time?

NEC Managed Security Services help you do more with less, while maintaining a secure and compliant security environment. NEC Managed Security Services help you get the most of your most precious resources – your employees – while maintain stringent compliance and security requirements. As an NEC Managed Security Services client you benefit from our many years of experience and staff of dedicated security professionals by allowing us to do what we do best while you are able to focus on what you do best.

You benefit from NEC Managed Security Services by…

  • Regular compliance and security validation with reports
  • Ongoing consultation on compliance and emerging threats from industry experts (HIPAA, HITEC and more)
  • Focusing resources on your core business
  • Offloading monotonous maintenance and update requirements 
  • Transferring security skills development and research requirements
  • Shifting security monitoring expenses from CapEx to Opex.


Unlike most security companies who provide single vendor or single stage security capabilities, resulting in security gaps, limited event visibility and mismanaged or unmanaged security events; NEC delivers a full lifecycle of security capabilities from security assessment services to gap analysis, remediation services and ongoing managed security services across a true multi-vendor environment (Network, Data Center, OS, Applications, Storage). As result, NEC is the single source security provider delivering cost effective, full lifecycle security solutions and service excellence. 


NEC is the premier single source provider of multi-vendor, full lifecycle security solutions


Assessment and Gap Analysis    
NEC Security Assessment services examine a client’s information security program from two perspectives – at both a technical and program level. By using both automated and manual techniques and leveraging patented, industry specialized tools. NEC consultants analyze company processes and infrastructure to ensure they meet security and regulatory compliance requirements, policies, procedure and security controls.

Remediation & Optimization
In the event of a security gap or incident, NEC consultants can assist with closing the gaps, mitigating or remediating incidents and analyzing the relevant log data, when mitigating or remediating incidents - to determine the impact of the incident, preserving important forensic evidence about the attack.

In addition, NEC is a national consulting practice specializing in the delivery of security guidance, standards-based technical controls validation and remediation development to reduce security costs while strengthening clients’ overall security posture


Proactive Management, Remediation, Reporting & Advisory
As a premiere Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), NEC delivers flexible managed security services that work the way clients want; enhancing their existing security program, infrastructure and personnel while relieving the information security and compliance burden.



Download a Sample Security Assessment Report.
Security Assessment Report provides baseline and validation of an organization security architecture, management approach and remediation capabilities. Security Assessment Report also provides a roadmap for addressing security gaps.


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Managed Security
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