MasterScope® Invariant Analyzer

Detecting anomalies for increased efficiency

MasterScope Invariant Analyzer

Proactive Troubleshooting

MasterScope Invariant Analyzer leverages NEC's patented technology to analyze large amount of metrics data collected by various monitoring tools and automatically detect anomalies with relevant system component and metric relationship information. Invariant Analyzer can quickly localize anomaly root cause components even in large-scale systems, thus provides proactive troubleshooting and avoids future critical problems.

Invariant Analyzer Offers

By definition, invariant is a quantity or expression that is constant throughout a certain range of condition. NEC analyzes these invariants from performance metrics data to 'connect the dots' that will:
  • Automate predictive diagnostics across multiple domains
  • Provide intuitive visualization for easy system behavior insights
  • Develop a knowledge base for known problem resolution
  • Leverage and enhance ROI of existing monitoring tools


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