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UNIVERGE 3C UC Client delivers a comprehensive set of easy-to-use communication and collaboration features that are integrated into a single unified communications client. Capabilities include the following:

  • Rich Presence allows users to locate and identify another user’s availability and contact them on their preferred device.
  • Scheduled-Based Presence and Availability enables users to route calls to the most appropriate telephone – desk, mobile or home office – based on their schedule or specific rule they have set.
  • Unified Messaging enables instant access to email and voicemail messages from one inbox - messages can be retrieved from any location, using a desk phone, computer or mobile device.
  • Single Number/Single Mailbox Access saves users time by allowing them to combine mobile and office phone messages into a single mailbox, have a single phone number to distribute to customers and colleagues and transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile device without interruption.
  • Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration synchronizes meeting calendars, journaling and contact groups into user call functions along with unified messaging functionality.
  • Audio Conferencing enables users to easily set-up three-party conferences quickly.
  • Desktop Video Conferencing allows users to send, receive and manage video conferences (includes three-way video conferencing and integration into third party video devices i.e. conference video, telepresence, desktop video terminals).
  • Instant Messaging/Chat provides a communications alternative that is less-intrusive than phone or video conferencing and enables the quick exchange of information.
  • Softphone functionality allows employees to use their computers to send/receive calls, perform desktop video conferencing, and use advanced call forwarding and web-browser dialing.
  • Collaboration is a comprehensive voice, video and web solution that is integrated in the UNIVERGE 3C software platform. It equips your employees with the tools they need to help them improve efficiency, lower spending by reducing the need for travel and stay informed. CMM enables:
    • Quick and easy access to meetings from multiple devices and applications – your desktop UC Client, Outlook calendar, instant messaging/chat window plus more
    • Multiple-party video display, presentation/file sharing, white-boarding and remote controls
    • Users to select from multiple language and time zone choices
  • Online Smart Directories provide a desktop view of all extensions and availability within the enterprise.
  • Point-and-Click/Drag–and-Drop Call Management allows users to perform most call functions directly from the desktop.
  • Create Customized Automated IVR Messaging to enable callers to go through menu trees using Dual Tone Multiple Frequencies (DTMF) to get information – speeding up processes and saving money.
  • Automated Attendant provides reliable 24x7 call routing which allows callers to reach the appropriate person using speech interface or DTMF - freeing up resources to work on other projects.
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