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  • Direct room dialing
  • Self-service wake-up calls with customizable weather information or local news and a snooze option
  • Simultaneous scheduling of multiple wake-up calls and identification of failed wake-up calls
  • An easy-to-use PC-based interface with an intuitive GUI
  • Streamlined guest check-in and check-out process through room status monitoring and reporting
  • An automated attendant to direct guest calls and relieve front desk staff
  • Secure, non-proprietary platform for applications and off-the-shelf system components
  • PMS integration and support for third-party hospitality applications
  • Compatibility with standard hospitality telephones
  • Direct E911 connection from guest rooms
  • Automatic management notification when emergency calls are made
  • Automated or on-demand call recording during emergencies (such as a bomb threat)
  • Remote configuration and software updates
  • Software Assurance programs available for long, hassle-free performance
  • Scalability to meet future needs
  • Advanced voicemail features and unified messaging for e-mail, voice mail and fax
  • Multiple language support for voice mail, auto attendant and wake-up calls
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