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UC Automatic Call Distribution (CallCenterWorX ACD) - Business and Enterprise System Specifications and Requirements

Platform Support:

All software on all servers must be within one version of current release.

  • UNIVERGE® SV8300 or SV9300 Communications Server
  • UNIVERGE® SV8500 or SV9500 Communications Server
  • Requires TCP/IP connectivity

Business and Enterprise Minimum System Requirements

UC Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) CallCenterWorX ACD (4.0) is sold as software-only

Software Only

  • UC Contact Center (4.0) for Business or Enterprise Software Package
  • UC Contact Center for Business – 1-200 Agents (1, 5, 20 or 100 up to 200)
  • UC Contact Center for Enterprise - 1-2000 Agents (1, 50, 100 or 1000 up to 2000)

Minimum requirements for server used with software only solution refer to either UC Release Notes, Points Calculator, or the MQ7 UC points calculator spreadsheet.

Specifications for CallCenterWorX-Enterprise (I)

CallCenterWorX-Enterprise (I) is an integrated part of the UNIVERGE SV8500/SV9500 platform which may be deployed in four ways:

  • Stand-alone - a single system where all agents within the contact center are controlled by a single resident ACD platform
  • Multi-Site - multiple systems, each with an ACD platform and separate groups of agents operating independently of one another. This method does not utilize Network ACD.
  • Networked - multiple systems each with an ACD platform which are networked together with Network ACD. This arrangement allows separate groups of agents to operate independently of one another, or for multiple groups to operate as one large contact center with routing of calls between the sites.
  • Distributed - a single ACD platform that is distributing calls to contact center agents on multiple SV8500/SV9500 systems connected with FCCS. This permits trunks and or agents to be located at satellite offices yet be controlled through a single location. Agent Anywhere, the capability that makes this distribution possible, reduces the requirement for multiple systems and peripherals to manage a single contact center.

CallCenterWorX-Enterprise (I) is available in a wide range of configurations, suitable for small to mid-sized contact centers through very large contact centers:


25 - 1000, 1500, 2000





Splits per Agent (multi-split agent)


IVR Ports


ACD trunk groups


Active Calls - simultaneous


Log-on IDs



4000 *

Personal Pilots

4000 *

CCV Tables


Announcement Routes


Priority Levels


TCP/IP Clients


Analog Agent Access Codes

4000 *

Transfer to PBX Number



* The total number of programmed Pilots, Personal Pilots and Analog Agent Access Codes

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