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IPv6 Adapter



Number of Ethernet Ports


Ethernet Port (IP Phone and Network connection)

100 Base-TX (IEEE(802.3u)/10Base-T (IEEE802.3i) RJ45 connection auto negotiation

Power Feeding

IPv6-ADAPTER is powered through the NEC ITL terminal.  No additional power requirements above the PoE specification of the NEC ITL are required.

PoE 802.3af or 27VDC (AC-L Unit)
DT730: Negotiation to class 2 of a 802.3af
DT750: Negotiation to class 3 of a 802.3af

No support for external AC powering of the adapter


Supported as noted by the NEC ITL phone.


Supported as noted by the NEC ITL Phone

EDGEPROT 5300LF2 Concentrator (100)



LAN Ports


# of sessions supported

100 Maximum

# of NEC voice servers serviced

Depends on the configuration of the NEC ITL

NEC Terminal

Terminals IPv6-ADAPTER are supported on

ITL: DT730 and DT750

PC Port pass through on ITL

Not supported

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