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Monitors Usage and Controls Expenses
Expense Management offers a robust, feature-rich call accounting system which delivers complete visibility into telecom usage. In addition, its invoice management functionality validates telecom inventory, maintains records of all invoices, automates the invoice validation, approval and exception processes, and allocates charges to the appropriate cost centers. The Expense Management solution offers an integrated reporting engine which delivers baseline communications usage information to corporate decision makers in a business-ready format.

Easy-to-Use and Interfaces with Other Corporate Systems
The day-to-day operation of Expense Management is simple and intuitive, requiring no technical expertise. This fast, lightweight system and extensive set of reports allow businesses to make informed decisions for controlling enterprise usage and related telecom costs — all from a web-based portal. Easy access allows businesses to control their day-to-day tasks from one screen and do everything from tracing a call within a few seconds to monitoring corporate-wide usage information. In addition Expense Management can transfer company data to and from the PBX as well as interface with other information systems such as those used for finance, HR and ERP.

Improves Customer Service
By providing the tools to manage telecom assets and associated usage and costs, Expense Management enables enterprises to improve customer service. End-user registration and organization tools are offered, and registered end-users (i.e. a business’s corporate customers) can be assigned relevant services and resources. Customers are served with speed and accuracy, and customers’ satisfaction with those services improves.

Works for Organizations of Any Size
Powerful, scalable and totally secure, Expense Management can handle jobs of nearly any size; it works as well for a global corporation’s multiple high-traffic, heavy-volume sites as it does for a small organization with minimal traffic. It also provides multi-vendor PBX support and additional inputs including online mobile call detail records.

Supports Business Growth
The system’s modular architecture supports the ongoing expansion of system functionality. Additional modules may be added based on customer request. The application is designed around a multi-tier processes, queues and services architecture, which offers the benefit of distributing loads across multiple servers and provides growth opportunities and flexibility.

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