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UCE IVR (QueWorX) 6.X includes:

  • Modular Licensing
    • Attendant Apps – includes Auto Attendant and Pre-Call Whisper
    • Callback Apps – includes Immediate, Scheduled and Web Callback
    • Announcement Apps – includes ETA and Queue Depth
    • Routing Apps – includes ANI/Area Code and Account Code
    • After Call Survey – a separately licensed module, only available using the SIP (Dialogic HMP) UC IVR option.
  • Multi-lingual Announcements
  • Global Repeat Verification
  • Customer Profile Records Database
  • Unlimited Multi-Level Automated Attendant
  • Customized Announcements
  • Customizable Reports

The above items are detailed below:

Attendant Application Module
Multilevel Auto Attendant
The Multilevel Auto-Attendant provides basic call routing functions to the caller. The caller receives a message with unlimited call routing options and the caller presses a key to initiate a selection. The caller’s selection is processed as a transfer to a destination, as defined in UCE IVR. Additional menu choices are available for customers with the multilevel automated attendant. The caller may be prompted for Account Code or User ID, which will then be displayed on the agent’s NEC Dterm phone as the call arrives. Alternatively, if integrated with UCE Agent, the Account Code or User ID may appear in the UCE Agent Screen Pop. This allows the agent to begin accessing a customer’s profile while greeting the caller.

Multilingual Announcements
Up to seven (7) language sets can be configured and recorded in UCE IVR. Each set is selected based on pilot number to accommodate multilingual applications. For example, a pilot may be defined to send calls to a group of agents who support Spanish-speaking customers.

Pre-Call Whisper Announcements
Provides the capability to play pre-recorded announcements to an agent prior to them receiving a call. This announcement provides the agent with additional information about how to handle the call. Announcement selection may be determined by either the ACD pilot number where a call arrives from or by selections made by the caller within UCE IVR’s auto-attendant. For example: an auto-attendant offers the options, “For Sales, Press 1, For Service, Press 2”. The pre-call whisper feature allows you to associate a unique whisper message with each menu selection such as “This is a Sales Call” or “This is a Service Call”. If the caller presses 2 for service, it is routed to the appropriate agent and the agent will hear the message, “This is a Service call” immediately before being connected to the caller.

After Call Survey
Prior to speaking with an agent, contact center customers are allowed the option of participating in an automated survey upon call completion; if accepted, the system prompts them with a series of recorded questions that are answered using the telephone key pad. The results are stored and can be reported on to help determine call center customer satisfaction. Please note - this feature is separately licensed and is only available using the SIP/IP UC IVR option on a UNIVERGE SV8300, SV9300, SV8500 or SV9500.

Callback Application Module
Immediate Customer Callback
Allows callers, based on their estimated time to answer, to elect to receive a callback from an agent instead of waiting in queue. By entering their telephone number and recording a brief message, their call will remain in queue until an agent becomes available, even though they have hung up. The UCE IVR system will automatically dial the number entered by the caller when the agent receives the call. Bonus: The contact center does not incur toll charges for the time call remains in queue awaiting a callback.

Scheduled Callbacks
Callers can schedule when an agent calls them back. This feature brings a new level of flexibility to the immediate callback feature, allowing customers to receive a callback from the contact center on their timetable.

Web/Internet Initiated Callbacks
Allows customers to request a callback from an agent while browsing your organization's Web site. Requests for callback will be placed into queue as are voice calls. When agents become available, they will receive a screen pop with collected customer information and URL information.

Announcement Application Module
Estimated Time to Answer (ETA)
UCE IVR can provide a caller with information on the wait time expected before an agent answers the call. An announcement will only be provided if the actual ETA falls within the programmed parameter thresholds. Announcements can be provided in three variations stating a number of minutes and seconds (“approximately 2 minutes and 45 seconds”), only a number of minutes (“approximately 2 minutes”) or a maximum number of minutes (“less than 3 minutes”).

Queue Depth
UCE IVR can provide an announcement indicating how many callers are ahead of a caller in the queue. Threshold settings are set within the system to determine when to offer this announcement to callers. For example the 2nd through 15th caller may hear their position within the queue, such as “There are 5 callers ahead of you”. Any caller falling outside of this range would not hear the announcement.

Routing Application Module
ANI / Account Code / Area Code Routing
Allows calls to be routed based on one of the following factors – ANI (Automatic Number Identification), Account Code or Area Code. This feature allows callers to be routed based on a match of any of these criteria. For example, callers may be prompted to enter their account number as they enter the system. Based on a match by the UCE IVR system, their call may be redirected to a group of agents (or their personal agent) at a higher priority.

Other Included UCE IVR Applications
Global Repeat Verification
Allows callers to verify their customer input, such as account number of callback number. This feature helps ensure the proper handling of customer calls.

Customized Announcements
UCE IVR can be configured with up to 89 custom announcements per pilot number (Example: 20 pilot numbers x 89 custom announcements). These announcements are recorded in UCE IVR and invoke utilizing the Call Control Vectors of the UCE ACD (CallCenterWorX-ACD) application with the “IVR Announcement #” command. Callers hear the pre-recorded messages while waiting in queue or prior to going into a queue.

Customizable Reports
The Reports can be customized using the default reports as templates. The modified reports can be saved for later use.

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