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  • Reduce Costs through Centralization
    Netlink uses your IP network to provide a seamless connection and join up to sixteen SV8100 communication servers together as if they were a single system. And Netlink doesn’t limit your feature use! You can extend features residing on your primary system to secondary system locations with no l incremental cost. This capability cuts the number of licenses you require to keep your business running.
  • Protect Your Business with Complete Failover Capability
    Netlink offers complete failover capability to ensure your organization can run smoothly even if your primary system goes offline. If your primary system is disconnected from the network, failover engages and a secondary system takes over the primary system’s database. That way, all of your linked locations continue functioning seamlessly.
  • Save Time with a Simple, Flexible Solution
    Operating and maintaining one Communication Server instead of two or more can result in lower costs and operational efficiency. A centralized server allows you to deploy personnel anywhere you choose while keeping staff connected to the same applications and features available at the central office. It also provides both primary and remote sites with survivability and feature transparency. If a linked primary system fails, secondary systems are enabled to provide basic call processing.
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