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UNIVERGE SV8100 Broadcast Messaging helps you provide better customer service through targeted calls. Examples of these calls include:

Organization Type

Possible Applications


  • Remind patients about:
    • Upcoming appointments
    • Annual check-ups
    • School vaccination requirements
    • Flu shot availability
    • Upcoming visit instructions
    • Prescription refills
    • Required account payments
  • Inform patient lab results are ready
  • Send personalized patient messages
  • Required payments
  • Perform insurance inquiries
  • Perform billing inquiries
  • Send patients birthday greetings

K-12 Schools:

  • Notify parents of:
    • Absence/truancy
    • Report card issuance
    • Area predators
    • Grade drop criteria
  • Provide reminders about:
    • Homework
    • Paperwork
    • Fund raising
    • Report cards

Higher Education:

  • Notify staff and students of:
    • Emergency situation
    • On and off-campus events
    • Information on registration
  • Request missing information from prospective students’ applications
  • Inform about available career services


  • Notify constituents of:
    • Emergencies
    • Town meetings
    • Voting locations
    • Council meetings
    • Amber alerts
    • Missing persons reports
    • Upcoming elections
  • Provide reminders regarding:
    • City dump/recycling day
    • Street/sanitation work
    • Street closures for special events

Hospitality and Retail:

  • Inform customers of:
    • Promotions and special offers
    • Membership, subscription or service renewals
    • New products or services
    • Product upgrades
  • Send event invitations
  • Send reminders about reservations
  • Remind customers of warranty expiration
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