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  • Full featured voice messaging for hotel staff, including Unified Messaging
  • Automatic check-in and checkout
  • Customizable check-In message
  • Message notification at checkout
  • Room merge/Room move
  • Programmable archive times of former guest messages
  • "All Hotel Guests" message group with Broadcast capability
  • Unlimited information menus
  • Voice mail disable per room
  • Hospitality Scheduled Reports
  • Guest group messaging capability
  • Hotel Guest Distribution lists
  • Automatic message retrieval
  • Password security
  • Personalized greetings
  • Multilingual guest prompts
  • Outside caller messaging
  • Optional guest directory
  • Unlimited messages
  • Set/Change/Confirm wake up calls
  • Wake-Up Calls activity report
  • Wake-Up activity real-time monitor
  • Text message notification
  • Day and time stamp
  • Transfer to operator
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