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Harness the potential of advanced biometrics solutions with NEC. Our IPIDS system offers an intelligent perimeter security system, providing robust monitoring and protection for property, facilities and buildings. With NEC I:Delight, cutting-edge face biometrics technology verifies the identities of travelers, ensuring a seamless and secure experience from check-in to boarding.

Thought Leadership

See how NEC is driving innovative approaches, managing evolving challenges, and shaping the future of aviation. Share our strategic foresight and expertise but also a commitment to foster industry-wide collaborations, promote sustainable practices, and enhance passenger experiences through technology and service excellence.

Thought Leadership

Manage your Digital ID with NEC I:Delight to enable frictionless traveler verification and secure transactions.

Top 3 reasons airports and airlines deploy NEC I:Delight:

Privacy & Safety

Privacy & Safety

Passengers who opt opt-in to the platform choose how their Digital IDs are used and managed, in a secure environment



Faster with fewer touches and interactions for passengers, enables streamlined operations and reduce wait times

Interoperability & Scalability

Interoperability & Scalability

Integrate with existing technologies at airports, as well as iOS and Android apps with the ability to expand to car rental, hotels, and beyond

Security Simplified

NEC's intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (IPIDS ) is a revolutionary leap in security measures, providing reliable intrusion detection that's immune to electromagnetic interference. Protecting your facility is no longer compromised by weather conditions or the need for field electrical power, thanks to our advanced technology.

In Action Today

First and foremost, it will offer a seamless customer experience. Second, it will offer the hygiene safety experience that customers are expecting coming out of the coronavirus crisis. But importantly, for many, many airports, infrastructural constraints have been a problem. And biometrics solutions will take away some of those infrastructural concerns.
Jeffrey Goh, Former CEO, Star Alliance


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Why NEC?

NEC has the fastest and most accurate face recognition technology in the world, according to repeated tests by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Robust R&D investment supports continual improvement to NEC's algorithms.

Stop SIM swap fraud, bonus abuse, data breaches, and one-time passwords with one identity services solution. Integrating NEC I:Delight Mobile SDK saves time and money.

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