Adaptive Accessibility

Keeping the lines of communication
and collaboration open

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Save up to 30% or more on your phone network bill
with intelligent call routing

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Committed To Value Creation

NEC is dedicated to transforming market opportunities into proven solutions and services
that are relevant to our customers and those that depend on them.

At NEC the customer experience comes first.
We achieve this by combining our core competencies with our award-winning technologies to improve the way people live, work and communicate.

NEC's Biometric Center Of Excellence Certification

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms NEC's ability to develop and integrate biometric identification solutions for law enforcement and public safety agencies, as assessed and approved by one of the world's leading ISO management system registrars, National Quality Assurance.

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Locking Down Data Administration

Locking Down Data Administration

Resilient and responsive data management needs to operate without faltering on control and security. Delivering greater data protection and faster rebuilds relies on effectively improving how information is stored, shared and archived.

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Locking Down Data Administration

Cultivating A Productive Workforce

Employees want to know that their company is committed to their success. So organizations must develop highly flexible environments focused on optimizing and not hindering exployee experiences.

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Cultivating A Productive Workforce

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