Deeper Understanding

Turning hindsight into foresight with advanced

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End User Experiences

Customer Experience

Solidifying positive perceptions and outcomes
through tailored interactions

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Customer Experience

Backup As A Service

A practical alternative to ongoing infrastructure
investment and potential data loss

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Disaster Preparedness

Enterprise Security

Safeguards that strengthen on-site awareness
and security

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Front Line Customer Service

Value Built On Experience

NEC has a long and established history - nearly 120 years - of recognizing market opportunities and transforming them into reliable solutions and services.

We are dedicated to leveraging our core competencies to bring value to our customer and those that depend on them
and improve the way people live, work and communicate.

Cultivating a connected workforce

Only through consistent accessibility across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops can total control over how, when and where to work and be reached become attainable.

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Greater Connectivity

Dexterity that fosters opportunities

Resilient and responsive architecture needs to operate efficiently without faltering on control and security to provide adaptiveness when change proves necessary.

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Small/Midsize Business

Insight through transparency

Intuitive reporting and query runs set to specific preferences and frequency requirements put the power of insight into the hands of those who can use it best when and where needed.

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Customized Data

Guarding security applications

Ensuring the ongoing functionality of intelligent server applications and security functions rest on protecting them from hardware, software and network failures caused by national and man-made threats.

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Security Redundancy