Smart Enterprise
Drivers 2020

Top 10 Strategic Realities
Reshaping The Smart Enterprise

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Smart Enterprise Drivers 2020

Value Built On Experience

With an extensive corporate legacy that spans 120 years, NEC has established itself as recognizing market opportunities and transforming them into reliable solutions and services.

We are dedicated to building experiences for our customers and those that depend on them that are based on innovation, greater efficiency, increased productivity and meaningful results.

Our World Reinvented

IoT with its ability to transform and improve holds the potential of delivering new paradigms in efficiency and safety that can benefit almost every aspect of our lives.

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Internet Of Things

Defect Identification

AI technology can bring greater control to manufacturing defect inspection through quality control consistency with less reliance on manual inspections and the potential of human error.

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Defect Identification

Personalized & Safer Experiences

Facial recognition technologies are ideally suited to strengthen safety and security anywhere people gather while also creating experiences filled with highly adaptive encounters.

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Progressive Communities

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