120 Years
In Operation

July 17, 1899 - July 17, 2019
Celebrating our relentless commitment to improve how people live, work and communicate

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120 Years In Operation

Cloud Migration

Compelling alternatives to aging and
overburdened infrastructure

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Cloud Migration

HyperConverged Infrastructure

A highly centralized and intuitive solution
for data and storage management

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HyperConverged Infrastructure


The accessibility and transparency needed
to get the job done

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Unified Communications

Reliability Plus Expertise

With 120 years of experience building advanced solutions for the U.S. and international markets
NEC has an established reputation of recognizing market opportunities and transforming them into highly dependable technology and services.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver value to our customers and those that depend on them
by improving the way people live, work and communicate.

More Meaningful Interactions

Winning if not strengthening and retaining customer loyalty depends on personalized experiences that proactively and attentively deliver value and safety across mulitple touchpoints.

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Customer Experiences

Cloud-Enabled Distribution

If sensitive or critical files are to be confidently shared electronically averting potential unathorized access or use means preventing transmission intercepts.

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File Sharing

Mastering Complexity & Performance

Eliminating the need for forklift upgrades or periodic downtime demands non-disruptive highly resilent storage solutions that don't falter on control or safety.

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Automated Visitor Management

For total transparency and greater efficiency front desk security must do more than steamline the registration process to allow new and returning visitors to fully manage their own experiences.

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Front Desk Assistant

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