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Main UNIVERGE BLUE Solutions


UNIVERGE BLUE provides enterprise-grade phone services no competitive business should be without. Communications in the cloud means anywhere, anytime access on any device. Mobile devices. Desktop and computer phone systems. Multiple locations. Remote workers. All your phone needs for a single low monthly payment.



Don't be locked into an office. Stay connected regardless of your location. As new devices and new technologies are developed, they can be easily integrated into your service via the cloud with no downtime and no interruption to your operations.



UNIVERGE BLUE gives you a powerful selection of messaging features that stay up-to-date with changing technology. A single inbox for all messages and email, personalized greetings, instant messaging, chat and more – all accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.



Remove location barriers. Across the room or across the country; know who's available, check team calendars, stay connected with real-time status updates. UNIVERGE BLUE keeps you in touch.



Connect, conference, collaborate – 4 participants or 50 – UNIVERGE BLUE puts you in the same virtual space, empowering effective communication. Agile, flexible, easy to use conferencing. Share screens, presentations, desktops or white boards. UNIVERGE BLUE keeps you in contact without having to be in the same room.



Build relationships with your customers. UNIVERGE BLUE provides a powerful contact center solution with capabilities ranging from basic agent functions to cutting-edge, premium services. Screen-pops, integrated desktops and presence, agent monitoring, call recording and powerful reporting are just a few of the features available with UNIVERGE BLUE Contact Center.


Why Cloud?

Why NEC Cloud

Lower Cost
Low upfront costs and a single monthly payment provide you with a leading communications solution without the risk of a traditional Capital Expense.

Easily scale, adding new users and features to support seasonal demands, major events, or sudden unexpected growth.

Focus On Your Business
Let UNIVERGE BLUE maintain your communications system, freeing your people to focus on your business.


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