Ingenuity Through Collaboration

Alliances that work with us to transform and innovate

Progress Through Alliances

As a global technology leader for over 120 years, we have proven our ability to anticipate and meet market needs, to demonstrate technical excellence and to build a dependable and enduring business model based on NEC's primary mission, to help orchestrate a brighter world.

Such achievements are in part to our willingness to cooperate and collaborate with technology leaders from around the world. It is this openness to alliances that allows us to continuously strengthen our commitment to drive technology advances and be a leading provider of solutions and services.

Our Collaborative Objective

Our alliances vary greatly, ranging from industry titans and focused solution and service providers. For us the significance in collaboration whether in the United States or through of parent company, NEC Corporation, in Japan is to arrive at and deliver the best value to meet the evolving needs of smart enterprises locally and globally.

Some of our alliances include such industry, solution and services leaders as:



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