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Advanced Recognition Systems
Facial Recognition / Identification Management / Occupancy Detection
Contact Us By Phone (800) 777-2347

Business Intelligence / Financial Performance Management / Big Data & Information Management
Contact Us By Phone (800) 240-0632

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Manufacturing Defect Inspection / Preventive Machine Maintenance / Personally Identifiable Information Redaction / Intelligent Product Recommendation
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UNIVERGE BLUE Cloud Services
To Speak With Your Regional UNIVERGE BLUE Cloud Services
Sales Rep Please Call Us At
(888) 632-7003
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Communications & Communication Networking
Communication Administration / Communication Platforms / Contact Center / Emergency Notification / Mobility / Phones / Unified Communications / Unified Messaging & Voicemail
Contact Us By Phone (855) 632-2648 / (855) NECAM4U
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IT & IT Networking
Data Networking (SDN) / Enterprise Software / Servers / Storage
Contact Us By Phone (800) 2400-NEC

Intelligent Call Routing / For MS Teams / Global Connectivity / Toll-Free Protection / E911 Compliance
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