Orchestrating A Brighter World

Orchestrating a
Brighter World

Committed to creating social value

A Transformational Force

Technology is altering almost every aspect of our existence. Whether it is how we work, communicate or entertain ourselves, the tools and services from technical advances permit us to live more fulfilling lives and allow us to work smarter and more efficiently. This ability to transform and improve is also helping to solve some of our most pressing social and economic challenges.

Leading The Transformation

NEC remains committed in bringing together our best-in-class integrated technology and expertise to create the information communications technology-enable society of tomorrow.

Every day our innovative solutions contribute to greater safety, security, efficiency and equality, and allow people to live richer more fulfilling lives.

Our Commitment

NEC is committed to developing solutions that improve the way people live, work and communicate.
This dedication is reflected in the company's principal branding:

This conveys NEC's overall mission as a global leader in information communications technology to provide Solutions for Society. Based on NEC's computing, network and software competencies, these solutions aim to ensure safety, security and operation efficiency, and enable people to live richer, more fulfilling lives.