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NEC Biometric Solution Re-examines Evidence

NEC Integra ID® 5 demonstrates superior accuracy in latent fingerprint matching.

Irving, Texas - March 24, 2016 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced IT, networking, communications, and multimodal biometric solutions, today announced the results of its award winning Integra ID 5 latent fingerprint matching technologies as measured in actual use by WIN, (Western Identification Network), a consortium of western U.S. state and local law enforcement agencies. In 18 months of successful operations of the WIN Integra ID solution, all eight member states are reporting measurably elevated latent fingerprint and palm print hit rates.

NEC's fusion of multiple feature encoding and matching algorithms, uniquely incorporated in Integra ID 5, is instrumental in achieving these results and that even the poorest quality prints, are consistently returned as the #1 hit respondent.

"WIN is pleased with the performance of the NEC Integra ID 5 solution," said Ken Bischoff, CEO of WIN. The care placed in back record conversion of more than 15 million WIN records to the new NEC algorithms and Integra ID 5 platform are paying dividends."

Kathy Monfreda, acting director of the Alaska DPS (Department of Public Safety), Division of Statewide Identification Technology Support, highlighted the significance of this effort: "Through WIN's significant diligence in selecting proven and accurate fingerprint matching technology, our expectations were high. Still, there is no denying the value of forward searching previously searched latent prints. The subsequent match results are impressive for all WIN states."

"We are so pleased to see the real world successes of our Integra ID 5 platform," said Raffie Beroukhim, vice president of NEC's Biometrics Solutions Division. "NEC has unequivocal commitment to our users and the entire law enforcement community to continue to drive our core feature extraction, search algorithms and platform to provide the highest in fingerprint and palm print accuracy. The successes experienced in WIN are a demonstration of this continued commitment."

The NEC solution is part of NEC's "Building Safer Cities" platform, ¹ which is a smart technology approach to maximizing all facets of installed programs. Smart technology found in NEC biometric devices and software are impacting not only public safety and forensic applications in city and government but are being brought to a wider market through NEC's "Solutions for Society" initiative which is being embraced by retail, entertainment and other industries for its customer enhancement benefits.

¹ NEC's Safer Cities concept supports the growing safety and security vision to merge the traditional law enforcement areas of biometric- based identity management and forensic investigation with video surveillance, security access control, and disaster management.

About WIN: The Western Identification Network (WIN) is a consortium of state and local law enforcement agencies that have implemented a shared network and AFIS processing service bureau to provide the ability to search the criminal and civil fingerprint records of these member agencies. At present, WIN facilitates the ability to search approximately 29 million western state fingerprint records. WIN is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, formed by western law enforcement as a cooperative government venture to provide an AFIS Service Bureau, including interfaces to other states and local agencies in California and Nevada. WIN policy direction is provided through a Board of Directors comprised of member law enforcement managers. WIN vendor outsourcing agreements are managed by WIN Staff based in Sacramento, California in accordance with WIN Board policy direction.