Predictive Analytics & Big Data

Predictive Analytics &
Big Data

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Predictive Analytics & Big Data

Achieving Smarter Data-Driven Initiatives

NEC Analytics leverages decades of best practices
to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Greater Control & Bolder Decisions with NEC

Experience to Rely On
Experience to Rely On
  • 25 years solving complex data challenges
  • 2,400+ successful analytics projects
  • Over 100,000 customers in North America
Best-in-Class Technologies
Best-in-Class Technologies
  • Field-tested solutions and services
  • Anywhere, anytime, on any device intelligence
  • Tailored and scalable solution options
Adaptive Strategies
Adaptive Strategies
  • Customizable solutions and services
  • Flexible approaches
  • Cost-saving tactics
  • Robust partner ecosystem

Gain Analytical Momentum

Taking into consideration infrastructure, initiatives, and users, NEC delivers analytical ability that provides the means to evaluate and the confidence to act. Our solutions and services reliably collect and direct meaningful intelligence where, when and how it is most needed with:
Actual and scenario-based modeling
Level of investment and process capability is determined across information domains and among end-users to assess analytical readiness and resolve potential insufficiencies.
Dash-boarding visualization
Key performance and knowledge indicators are converted into ready-to-read updates and reports that are easy to interpret and share.
Self-serve reporting
Intuitive reporting and query runs can be set to specific preferences and frequency requirements without the need to understand the technology or involve IT in the process.

Greater Financial Control

With NEC's Financial Performance Management (FPM), finance divisions and other lines of business reliant on fiscal performance become dynamic analytics-driven change agents. Complex and disconnected processes are aligned to make hidden intelligence more transparent, predictable and effortless to scrutinize with:
Budgeting, planning & forecasting
Linking fiscal numbers with relevant workflows and tasks make for proficient control over budgeting, more insightful planning and increased adeptness in forecasting for enhanced financial accountability.
Reporting & analysis
Correlating performance against strategic objectives, financial outcomes become judiciously
monitored and adjusted while budgetary schedules continuously amended due to corrective planning.
Financial management
More timely and sustainable oversight permits managing the fiscal health of an organization as a whole, divisionally and by function.
Regulatory governance
Strategies, speculations and comparisons between prior and future performance are assessed for opportunities and potential risks to help strengthen and streamline regulatory oversight and control.

Data-Enabled Responsiveness

With anytime, anywhere and on any device capability, corporate and social intelligence is transformed into trustworthy and actionable insight allowing a wide range of situations to be explored. Making sense of actionable intelligence hidden within such copious amounts of corporate data permits holistic strategies for internal and external assessment with:
Corporate intelligence
Decision makers become empowered with insight to transform organizational procedures, such as management processes, operational functions and the creation of new business models.
Social intelligence
The ability to scrutinize key indicators within external data reserves and analyze them
independently and in conjunction with internal intelligence optimizes reaction time to opportunities and issues as they emerge.
Big data assessments
Understanding the strengths and barriers in big data readiness become apparent through rigorous evaluations to accelerate the realization of data-driven initiatives.
Data architecture, modeling & warehousing
Structured and un-structured data types against what-if scenarios bridge co-existence between central repositories of integrated data and standalone databases for more thorough understanding.

Realize Actual Results

Proven methodology, tools, technologies and expertise work to upgrade and standardize business intelligence initiatives and database environments. Dispersed structured and un-structured data pools become joined, regimented baselines established and improved technologies and approaches implemented in support of key business priorities with:
Platform management
Time, complexity and cost reduction associated with business analytics platforms and requisite infrastructure upgrades are minimized and new capabilities introduced for enhance efficiency and without burdening existing resources.
Best practices
Shaped by 25 years of solving complex data management challenges and 2,400+
successful analytics projects, field-tested solutions and services efficiently scale to meet near- and long-term data-based initiatives.
Install, upgrade & maintenance
Through close IT collaboration, on-premise analytical end-to-end processes continue to evolve to meet changing demands while minimizing any impact on the community of users reliant on the insight provided.
Ongoing beneficial efficiency
Time and complexity associated with business analytics and necessary infrastructure upgrades are reduced while overall efficiency and new capabilities are introduced without incurring unnecessary costs.


Lacking The Resources To Become Or Stay Analytics Enabled?

NEC can be the solution
With NEC Managed Analytics, data-driven insight can be achieved without draining existing internal resources. Our expert team can recommend, implement, maintain and even support the training needed to achieve analytics-based decision making.

Leave your IT staff to focus on their main objectives and give your knowledge workers the tools required to make better more educated recommendations.

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