NECommand Lifecycle Management

End-to-end infrastructure management for optimized visibility and performance

Seamless Possibilities

Companies regardless of size can benefit from infrastructure lifecycle management (ILM).
Whether needing to rein in costs, better manage risk attributed to IT complexity or looking to ensure enterprise responsiveness, ILM delivers the control, performance and capabilities essential in supporting today’s progressively tech reliant work environment.

What does our ILM ecosystem include?

  • Heterogeneous IT infrastructure monitoring support
  • Monitoring templates that support industry best practices
  • NEC product specific monitoring template support
  • Server monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Storage monitoring
  • Voice application monitoring
  • Camera monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Change monitoring and management
  • Remote access monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Customizable dashboards and charts

What Makes NEC So Dependable

As a global technology leader for 120 years, we have proven our ability to anticipate and meet market needs, to demonstrate technical excellence and to build a dependable and enduring business model based on NEC's primary mission, to help orchestrate a brighter world.

Our longevity reflects our ability to build long term relationships with our smart enterprise customers by aligning our solutions with strategic business objectives and deliver results that make life simpler, safer and better.

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