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Memorable Occasions

Public venues whether for sports or entertainment usually involve large open spaces and sizable crowds. While promoting the safety of those that use and attend such facilities should be a top priority, elevating the experience on-site and off shouldn't be overlooked. Facial recognition technology that fortifies site security, robust infrastructure that promotes easy and broader access to enhanced services that help improve staff coordination are equally as vital in elevating the fan experience.

Memorable Occasions
Highly Adaptive

Highly Adaptive

NEC has the ability to deliver standalone and end-to-end ecosystems that enhance the visitor experience while elevating a brand's reputation, accentuating the facility and allowing staff to function more proficiently. Whether a stadium, sporting event or entertainment arenas, we can improve the experience for those that use, attend and work at such venues with technology that deliver prompt courteous attention, personalized VIP treatment, greater security and improved fan management for more memorable interactions.

Solutions That Deliver



Solutions and services that reliably collect and direct information where, when and how it is most needed with actual and scenario-based modeling, dash-boarding visualization and self-serve reporting for real-time and meaningful insight and intelligence.


Biometric Authentication

Highly accurate predictive biometric systems that work to safeguard venues by helping staff and security personnel identify and prevent fraud and security threats.


Cloud Services

Deploying safe, secure and efficient service that better meet the needs of visitors and support personnel becomes easier to achieve and more agile to maintain when managed from within the cloud with highly adaptive cloud-based communications, collaboration and infrastructure services and systems.


Data Management

The choice of tools, solutions and service that standardize, makes sense of and protects proprietary information so easy to access, scrutinize and share while complexity and legacy limitations get replaced and security strengthened.


Digital ID Management

Reimagining user experiences by streamlining the physical and digital in a single user managed and maintained digital ID for personalized, safe and secure interaction across countless situations.


Fraud Prevention

End-to-end solutions that uses the fastest and most accurate face recognition algorithm available to verify applicants and prevent duplicate and fraudulent identities.


Network Infrastructure

Services and solutions that provide the ability to deploy, control, monitor and manage essential operational networks for improved communications, user experiences, data protection and system management.



Solutions that increase on-premises safety to make a location safer and more secure through increased oversight and automated processes that streamline common facility's functions.


Smart Workplace

From customizable access management to creating an immersive on-premises experience that blends physical with virtual, solutions that transform how on-site facilities function and are experienced.

Realizing Beneficial Change

Our technology, expertise and support empowers venues to operate more securely and efficiently with:

  • Better guest handling
  • VIP client care
  • Heightened fan satisfaction
  • Enhanced on-site amenities
  • Deeper attendee understanding
  • Increased revenue potential
Beneficial Change

Tailored Solutions

Our education team has the experience, tools, services and technologies to deliver:

Improved Management

Improved Management

Deeper Understanding

Deeper Understanding

Simplified Infrastructure

Simplified Infrastructure

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

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