Server Professional Services

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Server Professional Services

Direction & Results

The NEC Server Professional Services team works to deliver cost effective and high availability solutions.
Whether in need of technical support to expand, remotely manage, monitor or secure data and critical infrastructure, our server services are customizable for near- and long-term growth and performance.

Our Server Professional Services

Assess / Plan / Design
We evaluate existing infrastructure through thorough system assessments and interview discovery sessions to arrive at recommendations on how best to improve system efficiency and on-going dependability. This approach enables our customers to review key objectives in comparison to infrastructure health and capabilities and make beneficial changes with confidence.

Our broad services portfolio consists of:

Continuity and reliability
Expansion feasibility
Redundancy capability
Security aptitude
Future viability

Planning & Design
Processor speed and utilization
Operating system type, version and setting
Disk IO, speed and utilization
Application performance
Current system settings, hardware configuration plus other physical attributes

Remote Management Options

To satisfy the requirements of our customers in the best way possible, we offer the flexibility of three service levels in remote management.

Designed for an enterprise that has skilled resources and bandwidth to perform all troubleshooting of events, as well as the necessary moves, adds and changes, but want to augment their capabilities by taking advantage of the best-in-class tools, notifications and reports provided by NEC and its web portal.
Essential Management
Designed for an enterprise that has the skilled resources to perform the moves, adds and changes, but lack the time to perform remote troubleshooting and resolution and want to augment their operations with NEC's proactive monitors, remote troubleshooting, remote resolutions and dispatch capabilities when onsite attention is required.
Comprehensive Management
Designed for an enterprise that has have the skills or the time to perform remote troubleshooting and resolution, nor do they handle moves, adds and changes and need to extend their IT capabilities by utilizing NEC's remote expertise, tools and processes - as well as enjoying the potential savings the managed services can offer.

What Makes NEC So Dependable

As a global technology leader for more than 117 years, we have proven our ability to anticipate and meet market needs, to demonstrate technical excellence and to build a dependable and enduring business model based on NEC's primary mission, to help orchestrate a brighter world.

Our longevity reflects our ability to build long term relationships with our smart enterprise customers by aligning our solutions with strategic business objectives and deliver results that make life simpler, safer and better.


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