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T-Metrics & NEC

Providing exemplary customer experiences with a feature-rich on-prem omnichannel contact center solution


Our Relationship

NEC and T-Metrics' strategic go-to-market alliance combines industry-leading technologies providing NEC customers maximum control over the ability to deliver seamless contact center experiences within a highly responsive omnichannel on-premises business model.

By integrating T-Metrics' CX-2023 contact center solution with NEC's UNIVERGE SV9500 communications platform, organizations can take control of their contact center with a broad set of advanced communications tools and capabilities. Access to NEC's UIP solution allows related workflows to be dynamically designed and implemented for highly adaptive and responsive call center development and management. It's a ideal solution for customers who aren't ready for the cloud but are still looking to elevate their customer services within an omnichannel on-premises environment. This on-prem experience can then be transferred to the cloud if or when the time comes, delivering a potential roadmap for cloud migration.

Being that CX-2025 is FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorized, users within the government and enterprise sectors can be certain of a highly secure contact center solution that adheres to the rigorous assessment and strict security controls set by both programs.

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